Week 22

I had a late start to this week as I got back to Bangkok on Wednesday and returned to work on Thursday. I thought the last two days would be hectic as I was gone for more than a week, but it was actually the opposite.

On the first day back I got updated with the new flow of the On the Mend app and where the project is at now. Thanks to Joseph, he finished the UX for me while I was away and now we are waiting for the feedbacks from the client to move forward.

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 3.53.35 PM

Digital Marketing Professional Course – landing page

I had no new tasks on my plate so after spending some time going over the new On the Mend wireframe, I spent the day helping Joseph redesign the landing page for the Digital Marketing Professional course. The landing page was already looking good to me so I took time going over articles for inspiration and ideas to help me redesign it. I found this article quite useful –


It talks about what a good landing page should look like and explains the landing page design principles.

After playing around with the old design, I made some changes and came up with this version:

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 9.40.02 PM

landing page redesign


The next task I had was to help Andrea with the content of the Digital Marketing Professional course students’ websites. We basically have to make 9 websites in total for each of the student and our job is to get the content ready before Donn can develop the websites. I started off with working on the logo and branding of the websites. It was a very fun task for me as it was something different from what I have been doing for weeks.


Logo design – Adobe Illustrator

This task gave me a chance to work in illustrator and also made me realize that I need to practice it and work on it more as I was wishing I could make these logos from scratch. I ended the week with editing the 9 logos and exporting them in different size and formats, then arranging them into the dropbox folder. Later I moved on to working on the fonts and color schemes of the websites.

That’s all for this week, looking forward to a productive week. 🙂

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